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We are an Award-Winning Design-Led Engineering and Construction Company serving both the Private and Public sector clients across the Southern African Region. We undertake Residential Building Construction (for Individuals, Real Estate Residential Property Developments, Corporate Institutions) and Non-Residential Building Construction (in Commercial, Retail, Health Facilities, Education Facilities, Office Buildings, Leisure, Hospitality, Mixed-use Developments, Sport Facilities etc); and we also carryout Renovations, Alterations, Additions, Remodeling and Restorations on all building types.
Home Improvement

Home Improvement

We provide Professional Home improvement Services, including: Renovations, Additions, Alterations, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Painting, Vinyl Flooring, Tiling, Plumbing, Wood or Steel Conversions to Aluminium, Roof Repairs, Pool Services etc.

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New Residential Buildings

We provide Professional Building Construction Services for both Individual Owners, Real Estate Developers and Investors, Corporate, National Housing Projects. We build both Singles and Multi Storey Houses, Apartments, Town Houses, Farm Houses etc.

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General Building - Building Contractors

New Commercial Buildings

Our Commercial Building Works portfolio includes: Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Retail Complexes, Hospitals and Clinics, Schools, Office Buildings, Sports Facilities, Hospitality, Leisure, Mixed-use Developments, Airport Buildings and Industrial Buildings.

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Commercial Renovations

Commercial Renovations

We undertake mild and extensive Commercial Renovations, Alterations, Additions, Remodeling, Partitioning, Conversions, Repair Services, Heritage Restorations and Roof Repairs. Our highly skilled personnel work closely with engineers and architects to ensure high quality solutions for all our valued clients.

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Aluminium Windows and Glass

We are Fabricators and Installers of Architectural Aluminium and Glass products including: Windows, Doors, Glass Wall Partitioning, Shopfronts, Curtain Wall Systems, Balustrades, Security Screens and Awnings. Our products are suited for home, mansion, mall and tower buildings. We also do repairs.

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Kitchen Design

Kitchens and Cabinetry

We have excellent capabilities in design, fabrication and installation of modern Kitchens, Bathrooms, Vanities, Cupboards and Cabinetry. Our designers work with you from idea formulation, design, modelling and rendering; through to manufacturing and installation. We undertake New Installations and Remodeling

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Roofing Construction. Wooden Roof Frame House Construction.


We fabricate (through our partners) and install engineered roof trusses to give our clients structurally sound roofs. Our roofs are designed and certified in line with regulatory frameworks and are signed off by competent structural engineers on each project. We also do ceilings, repairs and strengthening for solar & geyser installations.  

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GOVARO Concrete Construction - Structures and Formwork

Concrete Structures & Formwork

We are a specialist Concrete Structures and Form-work Contractor specializing in concrete slabs, floors, staircases, beams, columns, piers, basements, prefabricated structures, septic and underground tanks. We service both Individuals, Contractors, Principal Agents, Government Institutions and Private Companies.

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Facilities Maintenance

We undertake scheduled and ad hoc maintenance projects, including Building Maintenance (residential), Facilities (non-manufacturing commercial buildings) & Industrial Maintenance (manufacturing). We endeavor to ensure that all facilities are effectively maintained to optimize our clients' profitability and property value.

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We have structured our Business to best provide high quality innovative solutions to our valued clients. We believe that a combination of competence, approach and pricing brings out the best value for our clientele across various sectors in the Southern African Region.


We pride our selves of a highly competent technical team with a combined professional experience of over 250 years in the building and engineering industry. We bring the best to your project!

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Being made up of Highly Competent Technical Professionals, our Business Model approaches all projects from a sound a design perspective, ensuring the best performing projects always.

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Our pricing is designed to suit your needs within a reasonably affordable budget. We walk through the Structural elements of each project and ensure the best solutions at each price point.

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registered Contractors SOUTH AFRICA

We are a registered contractor in terms of the CIDB, CSD, Companies Registry and National Building Regulations in South Africa. Our Professional Engineers and Consultants are Registered with various Engineering Councils that are SAQA approved.

Public Works

As a Registered Contractor, we participate in Civil Engineering and General Building Works. We undertake Infrastructure, Buildings, Public Services and Recreational Spaces. 

Commercial Construction

We participate in both Public and Private Commercial Projects. These include Public Buildings (Schools, Hospitals, Municipal) and Private Projects (Malls, Offices, Developments)

Civil Infrastructure

As registered Civil Engineering (PE) Contractors, we participate in civil Infrastructure Projects which include Public Services (water supply, treatment); Transport (roads, bridges)

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